Dr. V's Private Library

Discover how to get interviewed,overcome your competition, get hired, and make more money!

The only package out there that includes EVERYTHING you need to get your next NP job!

What's included:

Unlimited Access to Dr. V’s Mini Resume Workshop ($127 Value) (for new graduate and experienced nurse practitioners).  You will have access to 4 designed templates to choose from so that you can create a strategic and powerful resume. Included is training and templates for your cover letters, reference pages, and thank you letters. 

Unlimited Access to Dr. V’s Interview Preparation Course ($299 value). Here, you will learn 

  • How to answer commonly asked interview questions
  • What questions to ask in an interview
  • How to recognize red flags
  • How to do salary research and prepare for negotiations (includes scripts for negotiating)

Free Portfolio Templates & Training ($99 value) allowing you to create a beautifully designed professional portfolio that will last throughout your career and impress every interviewer you encounter!

Masterclasses ($299 Value) covering topics such as NP Secrets for the Perfect Resume, Portfolio Secrets Templates and Training, Top Interview Strategies for NPs, How to Leverage Your Clinician Portfolio, Negotiation Secrets and more coming!

Unlimited Free Access to the private Facebook Group ($199 value) “The Resume & Interview Clinic” where our Chief Resume Writer and Dr. V will be answering your questions and giving additional guidance.

What you get:

  • Instant Access to Dr. V's Private Library (Valued at $200): Fully unlocked for 6 months
  • Unlimited access to Dr. V's Mini Resume Workshop valued at $127
  • Unlimited access to Dr. V's Interview Preparation Course valued at $299
  • Unlimited Access to Professional Portfolio Templates and Training valued at $99
  • Never before seen Private Masterclasses valued at $399
  • Unlimited access to the Private Facebook Group valued $199

Total Value of $1,422 inside Dr. V's Private Library for only $300!


Please note:

You will get charged $300 only once and you will receive 6 months access inside Dr. V's Private Library. After six months, all access will expire.

$300.00 USD

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You have will have 3 months of unlimited access to the Private LIbrary and all resources inside. After three months, all access to the Private Library will expire.