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Land Your Dream NP Job!

Get Everything You Need To Apply, Interview, and Negotiate Like a BOSS NP

Learn the formula to nailing every interview and getting all the offers:

  • Get the tools and training you need to prepare for NP interviews
  • Learn how to write a powerful, eye-catching resume with step-by-step video instructions and designer resume templates
  • Learn how to leverage your professional portfolio with step-by-step video lessons and portfolio templates
  • Answer commonly asked questions in an interview with confidence
  • Navigate contract negotiations like a boss by leveraging your unique value proposition
  • Get the tools and training you need to get the job you want, fast!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Dr. V's Private Library, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your nursing career and professional future.


Inside the Private Library You'll…

  • Gain the confidence you need to to land the job of your dreams
  • Negotiate a higher salary than what's offered
  • Negotiate your employment contract so that you don't have regrets

The right job is out there for you. We’ll cover how to find it, prepare for the interview, and land the your dream job!


Dr. V's Private Library

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Career and Land The Job You've Always Wanted?

Inside the Private Library, Dr. V will teach you everything you need to know to get prepared for the best interviews of your career.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Write a compelling resume that stands out from the stack
  • Develop a professional portfolio that represents your unique value proposition
  • Interview like a confident professional

What's Included In Dr. V's Private Library...

Nurse Practitioner Resume Templates & Mini Course

Get ready to create the best NP resume you've ever had (without spending hours trying to figure it out)

  • Easily Customizable Microsoft Resume Templates
  • Cover letter, reference page, and thank you letter templates
  • Short videos specific for nurse practitioners. These videos will allow you to focus on each section of the resume making it easier to digest…taking away the overwhelm.
  • Bonuses include "Dr. V's Power Words, Reflection & Preparation Guide, access to our exclusive Facebook group, and "The Resume Clinic,"  Proofreaders checklist

You’ll finish this course with a professional resume that represents you well and you'll be proud to send.

Interview Preparation Course

This course ($299 Value) is EVERYTHING you need to land the nurse practitioner job of your dreams and negotiate your contract like a boss

This package includes EVERYTHING you need to gain more confidence, get more job offers, and negotiate your desired salary!

  • Negotiation Scripts - the exact words you need to negotiate the highest salary and benefits (valued at >$500 since this alone can give you a return of thousands of $$ in your contract)
  • Employer Red Flags - know exactly what to avoid to ensure you find the right fit for YOU.
  • Interview Questions (valued at $497) - make yourself memorable and top of mind by knowing exactly what to say to make you a top candidate.
  • Questions to Ask (valued at $497) -So that you can learn exactly what their expectations are.
  • Interview Preparation Workbook (valued at $297)-  so you can prepare before each of your interviews

You’ll finish this course with confidence you need to ask the right questions, get more job offers and negotiate the highest possible salary

Portfolio Templates & Training

Uncover the ULTIMATE secret to making a lasting impression in interviews – a meticulously crafted professional portfolio. Leverage the power of our Portfolio Templates to brilliantly showcase your career highlights, ensuring you stand out in every interview. Enjoy the added benefit of effortlessly organized documents for seamless credentialing and confidently use the portfolio during the interview process. With these templates, you'll:

  • Have a well-curated portfolio as a powerful tool during job interviews, demonstrating your competence, skills, and dedication
  • Provide tangible evidence of your expertise, including certifications, specialized training, and documented accomplishments, reinforcing your suitability for the role.
  • A well-organized portfolio that provides a structured way to communicate relevant information, ensuring that crucial details about education, clinical experience, and achievements are conveyed effectively during the interview.
  • A portfolio that serves as a conversation starter, allowing the interviewer to explore specific aspects of your career journey. 

With our portfolio templates, you'll have a professional portfolio that you can leverage throughout the entire career.


Dive into our Masterclasses ($299 Value) for an unparalleled learning experience

  • Uncover NP secrets for crafting the perfect resume
  • Master the art of portfolio creation
  • Enhance your interview strategies
  • Leverage your clinician portfolio effectively
  • Unlock the secrets of negotiation

These classes are designed to empower you with insider knowledge, providing a competitive edge in your career. Elevate your professional journey and watch these masterclasses to transform your approach and secure success in the dynamic world of advanced practice nursing.

Dr. V's Private Library is for you if...

  • You seek Exclusive Expertise, gaining insights from Dr. V, an experienced NP career counselor

  • You desire Comprehensive Resources, covering diverse topics like resume building, portfolio creation, interview strategies, and more.

  • You want to uncover Insider Secrets and unique strategies for a career advantage.

  • You value Time-Efficient Learning, streamlining your development with a consolidated knowledge source.

  • You are a Nurse Practitioner, as Dr. V's library is Tailored for NPs, addressing specific challenges in your field.

  • You appreciate Continuous Updates, staying current with the latest trends and strategies in nursing.

  • You crave Community Connection, joining a network of learners for mutual support and networking.


I'm Veronica Sampayo, DNP, APRN

In my own journey through the complexities of the nursing job market, there was a pivotal moment where I faced the challenge of standing out without the necessary tools. It was a time of feeling utterly lost, contemplating stepping away from healthcare entirely. However, I swiftly shifted gears, embarking on a quest to discover resources and strategies that could give me the competitive edge needed to shine in a crowded field.

This pursuit led me to craft a meticulously detailed portfolio and elevate my resume, yielding remarkable results – a flood of call backs and job offers. As a new-grad NP, I secured a 6-figure salary by strategically leveraging my personal and professional background and skills. Inspired by this transformative experience, my commitment is to passionately equip you with the resources and tools essential for propelling your career to new heights. I not only share knowledge but also invaluable lessons learned, empowering you to transition into your career with unwavering confidence.

"I used interview prep workbook. Nailed 1st interview with immediate job offer. I am still receiving numerous offers without applying after updating my new resume to indeed, etc. I was so prepared for my interview and will ALWAYS use this process moving fwd. Thanks again. It will also help me as new PMHNP"

- S. Persinger

"Loved Dr. V's Mini Resume Workshop videos, so much helpful information in there, tips and power words, her templates for the resume are so professional, her help was amazing, her feedback so knowledgeable and she always gets back to you right away. I would definitely recommend her!! My resume looks great!! Thank you!!"

- M. Garcia

"Excellent mentor! We need more positive mentors in our profession. It is essential. Thank you Dr. V! You are an excellent role model and mentor."

- T. James

Dr. V's Private Library