What to do if you hate your NP job

career advice Feb 26, 2023

First, if you hate your NP job, I want you to know you’re not alone! I hated my first NP job and struggled through the first few months of transition. I wondered if I was crazy, inadequate, or both.

Transitioning into a job is difficult. And if you’ve been there for a while and are over it (for whatever reason) - that can be the worst.

  •  ​You don’t need to suffer in silence.
  •  ​You don’t need to work in a job that takes more of you than it gives.
  •  ​No amount of money is worth staying at a job that isn’t serving you. 

Here are some tips to moving on to the better things in life that are actually meant for you…

First: Identify if you’re uncomfortable because of lack of knowledge or training in an area. If you’re lacking skills, consider taking time aside to refine those skills or request additional training from your employer.

Second: If you’re overwhelmed because the patients keep getting added or overbooked, brainstorm ways it could be better and present your suggestions to leadership. Although this often doesn’t work, you don’t ever want to leave a job without trying everything on your end to make it better. Which leads me to #3.

Third: Don’t allow a second to be wasted. Remember that every experience is a learning experience (even if it’s learning more about yourself and your boundaries). Learn as much as you can from those willing to share their knowledge with you. If that’s not a thing in your practice, learn how to be resourceful so you can bring that into your next job. Which brings me to #4.

Fourth: Plan your exit. If it’s the culture, the co-workers, or the overall vibe - if you’re truly unhappy - it’s time to go. Often time as an NP, you have a contract that might have an agreement of how long your resignation notice should be. Know how long you must give and plan accordingly.

Update your resume and be sure it reflects how your past and current experiences make you a good fit for the job/specialty you want to get hired into.

Next, reach out to your network to find out who is or will be hiring a nurse practitioner. If you don’t have a network, it’s okay. Just make sure your resume will stand out in the crowd of online applications. And use this opportunity to network now. If you begin interviewing, keep in touch with the interviewers even if you don’t get the job. You want to build bridges because those bridges become the network that feeds your career.

Don’t forget, we only have one life, and we are here to live it - not hate it. If you spend most of your time stressed and unhappy, you owe it to yourself to seek a better environment. You deserve it.

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