The Registered Nurse

Mini-Resume Workshop

Get ready to create the best nursing resume you've ever had (without spending hours trying to figure it out)

Build the only resume you'll ever need to land your dream RN job

The Mini Resume Workshop is the only mini-course that takes registered nurses through a proven step-by-step process that has been shown to land more interviews and get more offers!

This Template & Mini-Course Bundle is Perfect for Nurses Who:

 Are ready to make a great first impression

¬†‚ÄčFeel overwhelmed in the resume-building process and don‚Äôt know where to begin

¬†‚ÄčDon‚Äôt have tons of time to spend on a resume build

¬†‚ÄčWant to create a strong and powerful resume

¬†‚ÄčHave submitted their resume to multiple organizations and have not received call-backs

¬†‚ÄčWant step-by-step instructions on writing their RN Resume

¬†‚ÄčWant to create a resume that is beautifully designed and easy to read

If that’s’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you how The Mini Resume Workshop will give you the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to finally achieve your next level goals

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By the end of this program you will have:



Dr. V will give you all the resources you need (and then some) to create a beautifully designed resume that will give the perfect first-impression.



Rest assured that you are representing yourself very well with any of our professional resume template bundles. The mini-course is strategically designed to boost your confidence and create a resume that impresses employers.


Overcome Overwhelm 

Get clear on what should be included in your resume, and what should not. Our resources help you develop focus which is foundational for powerful resumes.


What's Included In The Mini-Resume Workshop


Choose from four color schemes including a classic black and white option. Each downloadable template includes:

¬†¬†‚Ä謆Microsoft Resume Templates in .docx format (Black and white in .doc)

¬†‚ÄčThe 4-Paragraph Cover Letter Template with written instructions

¬†‚ÄčReference page template

¬†‚ÄčExample resumes, cover letters, and reference pages

Video lessons

Short videos specific for nurse practitioners. These videos will allow you to focus on each section of the resume making it easier to digest…taking away the overwhelm.

Mini-Resume Workshop Outline:

¬†‚ÄčLesson 1: Formatting Within the Template

¬†‚ÄčLesson 2: Header, Contact, Education, Licenses & Certifications

¬†‚ÄčLesson 3: The Profile & Professional Nursing Experience

¬†‚ÄčLesson 4: Professional & Personal Skills & Additional Sections

¬†‚ÄčLesson 5: The Four-Paragraph Cover Letter

¬†‚ÄčLesson 6: The Reference Page

¬†‚ÄčBonus Lesson 7: The Thank You Letter Template


  Dr. V's Power Words to help you in the writing process

¬†‚Äč Reflection & Preparation Guide to guide the focus of your resume

¬†‚Äč Access to the exclusive Facebook group so you can get your questions answered during your resume writing process

¬†‚ÄčProofreader‚Äôs checklist - so you can perfect your resume

¬†‚ÄčThank you letter video lesson and template

¬†‚ÄčBonus lesson for student and graduate nurses - Dr. V teaches how to adjust your resume if you are a new graduate without experience


  Easy-to-use-Microsoft Word Templates

¬†‚ÄčStep-by-step video easy to follow video instructions

¬†‚ÄčExamples so you can finally see what it‚Äôs supposed to look like

¬†‚ÄčLearn how to create a powerful resume and cover letter tailored for the registered nurse

¬†‚ÄčBonus student/new grad video lesson

¬†‚ÄčGet more interviews!

¬†‚ÄčAvoid the overwhelm or hours trying to figure it out on your own!

¬†‚ÄčLearn from a professional nursing career coach

¬†‚ÄčAmazing bonuses developed to support you through your resume build

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What people are saying...


‚ÄúMy new employer said that out of the hundreds of applicants for my position, my resume stood out above all others. Thank you, Veronica Sampayo!!!‚ÄĚ


‚ÄúThis resume-building workshop is wonderful! The templates and videos are the perfect setup to build your own professional resume. I get frustrated trying to format Microsoft Word and often quit but obviously need a professional resume. This workshop provides easy step-by-step resume building accompanied with videos that have tips on easy formatting. The power word list is also great to know which terms are important to include. I am so thankful this workshop gave me the tools and push to finish my professional resume, cover letter and reference page!‚ÄĚ


‚ÄúDr. V! I just landed my first interview. Thank you for all your help with my resume and cover letter. I wasn‚Äôt expecting to be called for interviews so fast! Literally got called the same day. So excited!‚ÄĚ